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Material : GCR15
Certification : ISO9001:2008
MOQ : 1 pcs
Delivery Time : 3-15 days
Payment : Western Union,L/C,T/T,Paypal
Supply Ability : 100000 PCS/Month
Free sample : Accept

Supply guide bearing LFR 5200-8KDD bearing Hot products

1. LFR 5200-8KDD bearing Guide roller is the most widely used and Economic and practical products in linear guide rollerit can fit in the cylindrical guide rail.

2.  LFR 5200-8KDD bearing The contact between the roller and the guide rail is two-point contact,has good contact performance.

3.  LFR 5200-8KDD bearing The roller adopts internal structure design double row angular contact ball bearing  and thickening outer ring, with a higher carrying capacity.

4.  LFR 5200-8KDD bearing Roller made of high quality bearing steel, after heat treatment, precision grinding processing, internal fill the high quality oil and has long life .

5. We can also provide all kinds of R Angle of outer ring, with internal thread, concentric shaft,eccentric shaft and corrosion-resistant chrome steel guide roller.


Our long-term supply of LFR series rail roller bearings,

Specific models are as follows:

dDCBdLWD1Bearing CodeCrCorMass51778627LFR50-5 KDD16108900.018241111634LFR50-8 KDD410022800.02123515.915.91255.5LFR5201-12 KDD830050000.08123515.915.91051.3LFR5201 KDD850051000.08205220.622.61679LFR5204-16 KDD1460095000.23257223.825.820102LFR5206-20 KDD23400166000.25257223.825.825112LFR5206-25 KDD23100164000.253080272930132LFR5207-30 KDD28500208000.664098363840155LFR5208-40 KDD38500290001.36124219191058LFR5301 KDD1300077000.1154719191063.3LFR5302 KDD1450092000.17

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