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Needle Roller Bearing|NEEDLE ROLLER and CAGE ASSEMBLIES Description

INA Needle roller and cage assemblies form part of roller bearings. They essentially consist in two elements, a cage and several rollers. The main characteristic of needle roller and cage assemblies is the possibility to develop applications with a high load capacity and minimal bulk, insofar as each roller is guided along its own cage pocket, thereby ensuring greater precision and consequently the possibility for a higher number of rotations, unlike roller bearings.

Needle Roller Bearing|NEEDLE ROLLER and CAGE ASSEMBLIES Advantages

INA needle roller and cage assemblies can be lubricated with either grease or oil. The former offers improved retention of the lubricant itself, in addition to protecting the cage against humidity, whilst the latter allows faster operating speeds.

Needle Roller Bearing|NEEDLE ROLLER and CAGE ASSEMBLIES Special technical features

K needle roller and cage assemblies are supplied with G2 class rollers according to DIN. The roller class is indicated on the box. For normal applications, standard class needle roller and cage assemblies are used, whilst in the case of special requirements and where a different clearance is required, a more suitable roller class must be selected for that application.

Needle Roller Bearing|NEEDLE ROLLER and CAGE ASSEMBLIES Model :

K 70x76x20
K 70x76x30
K 70x78x30
K 72x80x20
K 73x79x20
K 75x83x30
K 75x83x40 ZW
K 75x81x20
K 75x81x30
K 75x83x35 ZW
K 75x83x23
K 80x88x40 ZW
K 80x86x20
K 80x88x30
K 80x88x46 ZW
K 85x92x20
K 90x98x27
K 90x98x30
K 90x97x20
K 95x103x40 ZW
K 95x103x30
K 100x107x21
K 100x108x27
K 100x108x30
K 105x112x21
K 110x117x24
K 110x118x30
K 115x123x27
K 120x127x24
K 125x133x35
K 130x137x24
K 135x143x35
K 145x153x26
K 150x160x46
K 155x163x26
K 160x170x46
K 165x173x26
K 175x183x32
K 185x195x37
K 195x205x37
K 210x220x42
K 220x230x42
K 240x250x42
K 265x280x50
BK 0306 TN
HK 0306 TN
HK 0408
BK 0408
HK 0509
BK 0509
HK 0609
HK 0606
HK 0608
BK 0609
HK 0709
BK 0709
HK 0812.2RS
HK 0812 RS
HK 0808
HN 0808
HK 0810
BK 0810
HK 0810.2RS
BK 0808
HK 0810 RS
BK 0912
HK 0908
HK 0910
HK 0912
BK 0910
HK 1012.2RS
HK 1015
BK 1012 RS
BK 1015
HK 1012 RS
BK 1012
BK 1010
HK 1012
HK 1010
HN 1010
HK 1014.2RS
HK 1216.2RS
HK 1214.2RS
HK 1210
HK 1212
BK 1210
HN 1210
BK 1212
HN 1212
HK 1214 RS
BK 1312
HK 1312
HK 1412
HK 1414 RS
HK 1416.2RS
BK 1412
HN 1412
BK 1414 RS
BK 1514 RS
HN 1516
HK 1514 RS
HK 1522
HK 1520.2RS
BK 1516
HK 1516
HK 1512
HK 1518 RS
HK 1516.2RS
BK 1512
HK 1622
HK 1612
HK 1616
HK 1616.2RS
HK 1620.2RS
BK 1612
HN 1612
HK 1614 RS
BK 1616
BK 1622
BK 1614 RS
HK 1712
HK 1816.2RS
HK 1814 RS
BK 1812
HN 1816
BK 1816
HK 1812
HK 1816
HN 2020
HK 2016.2RS
HK 2020
HN 2016
HK 2018 RS
BK 2018 RS
HK 2016
HK 2012
HK 2010
HK 2030
HK 2020.2RS
BK 2016
BK 2020
HK 2218 RS
HK 2216
HK 2220
HK 2216.2RS
HK 2210
HK 2212
HK 2214 RS
BK 2212
BK 2216
HK 2220.2RS
HK 2516.2RS
HK 2530.2RS
HK 2526
BK 2538
HK 2524.2RS
HK 2538
BK 2518 RS
HK 2518 RS
BK 2516
HK 2520
HK 2512
HK 2520.2RS
BK 2526
HK 2516

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